Terra Valentine Wine

About Terra Valentine

Terra Valentine blends the elegance of “place” with the bold subtleties of mountain grown, estate wines. A climb up the switchbacks of Spring Mountain grants not only extraordinary views but a peek into the winery’s past–all enjoyed amidst a tranquil, mountainside setting. A step into the winery’s castle-like cellar serves up an experience rich with world class wines and storied tales, from the “cowboy days” of winemaking, to the current day operation that blends cutting-edge technology with time-tested Old World techniques.


Terra Valentine stretches between two Spring Mountain estate properties whose varied terrain shines through in the robust yet balanced style of the wines–exhibiting the true essence of the Spring Mountain District. While mountain viticulture presents its challenges, for Terra Valentine, it comes down to hand-tending the vines to get the most out of the diverse soil types and ripening patterns that the mountain bears. The reward–wines ripe with intense flavor and color.