Tips on Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Tips on Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

It’s almost the time of the year – the fourth Thursday of November – to celebrate your blessings for the past year with your friends and family! Have you prepared your secret recipes and some great wines to go with them yet?

If not, no worries! We’re here to share some tips in wine pairings with the diverse flavors on your table:

  • Riesling & Mashed Potatoes, green salads and cranberry sauce – the innate flavor of fruits and the refreshing acidity of Riesling balance all the creaminess of the buttery mashed potatoes, and the sweetness from the Thanksgiving veggie trays
    [Recommendation: Terra Valentine Riesling 2010]
  • Merlot & gravy side dishes – the soft and round nature of merlot has both a fruity and earthy profile that goes well with gravy dishes without overwhelming the lighter flavors
    [Recommendation: Rubissow Merlot 2010 – WINE OF THE MONTH OFFER at HK$298]
  • Zinfandel & Meat – this American wine has a berrylicious profile and rich texture that definitely creates a killer combination with strongly flavored dishes like turkey with spice stuffing and pork tenderloin
    [Recommendation: Zinfandel – The Terraces Zinfandel 2010 – SPECIAL THANKSGIVING OFFER at HK$278 until 30/11]

A delicious thanksgiving dinner would be a pity if there’s no good wine to complement with. Shop now and  toast to all the good things you’ve had!


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